• Backup Your DNS Records

    Plug the hole in your backup strategy
    DNS backups make you the backup hero

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The missing piece in your backup strategy
Full audit trail of changes


Connect your DNS Provider account(s) to track new, deleted and changed DNS records.

Fully Customizible

Choose which DNS zones (domains) you backup and monitor.

Interactive Explorer

Explore your DNS changes using our timeline explorer.
Time travel to view settings as they were.

Export Your Data

Export to CSV or BIND for use in regulatory audits or to restore to another provider

You're In Control

You have full control over access, define the permissions you want. Only scan what you choose.

Find Information Fast!

Use full text search to search by sub-domain, record key, resource type or any other attribute.

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Be Informed With Zone Explorer

Browse all of your zones across multiple providers in one place. Search and report across DNS providers.

Save Time With Timeline Explorer

Explore changes through time with the interactive timeline tracker
See when changes were made, spot when errors occurred.

Save Money With Advisories

Mis-configured DNS, deletions and changes can be costly.
Quickly find the last known good settings before disaster strikes.

Reporting & Documentation

Be prepared, report & export disaster recovery documents.

Your DNS information is archived for a minimum of 1 year depending on your plan. This allows you to trace issues back through time.
Export your data for inclusion in your own audit, disaster recovery or business continuity documentation.
Set filters and search terms, save them as pre-defined reports and reusable searches.

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